"Fragrances, as with clothing, say a lot about a person. It’s a part of how one presents oneself to the world. I’m very particular and when I find something I like, whether it be a suit or a cologne, I tend to stick by it. Less is more for me when it comes to a fragrance. You want it to feel close to the skin as if it’s an extension of you, of who you are. Just like a well-tailored suit, a cologne must fit just right." — Chris Pine for Armani Code fragrance

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You may be the Chosen One, mate, but this is a whole lot bigger than that.

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Phoebe Tonkin photographed by April Hubal for Maniac Magazine

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I’m mildly concerned. Mildly

How late you gonna be? Very worried. Very.

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Love Don't Die | Happy (late) Birthday, Ine

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Derek Hale’s body appreciation

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Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner Conference

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